Local Geographies of Digital Inequality
Blank, G., Graham, M. & Calvino, C.
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Combining data from a sample survey, the 2013 Oxford Internet Survey, with the 2011 UK Census, we employ small area estimation to estimate Internet use in small geographies in Britain. This is the first attempt to estimate Internet use at any small-scale level. Doing so allows us to understand the local geographies of British Internet use, showing that the area with least use is in the North East, followed by central Wales. The highest Internet use is in London and southeastern England. The most interesting finding is that after controlling for demographic variables, geographic differences become nonsignificant. The apparent geographic differences appear to be due to differences in demographic characteristics. We conclude by considering the policy implications of this fact.

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Blank, G., Graham, M. & Calvino, C. (2018). Local Geographies of Digital Inequality. Social Science Computer Review36(1), 82-102.