Articles scientifiques

Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship
Dosono, B. (2014)

Digital inclusion seeks to bring the benefits of information and communication technologies (ICT) to vulnerable populations such as low-income families, residents of rural communities, seniors, disabled citizens, at-risk youth, immigrants,...

Chen, W., & Choi, S. K. A. (2011)

This study examines the relationship between online social support and intercultural adaptation of immigrants. Data was collected from a telephone survey conducted among Chinese immigrants in Singapore.

Lien social et politique
Gallant, N., & Friche, C. (2010)

L’article aborde l’utilisation d’Internet dans les réseaux sociaux locaux et transnationaux de jeunes migrants en région au Québec, afin de cerner les rapports entre ces réseaux et les identités (au sens de sentiments d’appartenance).

Social Science Information
Diminescu, D. (2008)

Current trends in thinking on contemporary migration (in particular, theories on transnational networks) agree that today's migrants are the actors of a culture of bonds, which they themselves have founded and which they maintain even as they...

Durham University
Holmes, P., & Janson, A. (2008)

Migrants to a new homeland face significant adaptation and communication challenges. Information communication technologies (ICTs) are obvious tools to bridge these challenges.

Informing Science: International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline
Kabbar, E. F., & Crump, B. J. (2006)

Research indicates that to effectively participate in today’s global digital information age, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) familiarity is essential for individuals and communities.

Journal of World Business
Erumban, A. A., & De Jong, S. B. (2006)

The diffusion of information and communication technology (ICT) has witnessed a surge in recent years. The rate of adoption across countries diverges considerably regardless of the income levels.

Société numérique et développement en Afrique : Usages et politiques publiques
Do-Nascimento, J. (2005)

Les sociétés africaines témoignent un intérêt certain pour les nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication. Ces technologies appartiennent au domaine des innovations majeures de la fin du XXe siècle.

Library & Information Science Research
Caidi, N., & Allard, D. (2005)

This article examines how information service providers, particularly libraries, may assist effectively in meeting the information needs of immigrants.

Massey University
Crump, B. (2004)

This paper identifies factors that were influential in the blended learning experiences of 17 newly-arrived adult immigrants (the majority of who were women) attending English language classes that integrated Information and Communications...