Articles scientifiques

Shin, W. & Lwin, M. O. (2017)

This study investigated how active mediation employed by three key socialization agents—parents, peers, and school teachers—is associated with teenagers’ engagement in online risks.

Alava, S. (2016)

Les jeunes développent des usages numériques autonomes dans le cadre de leurs loisirs.

B. C. Reisdork & D. Groselj (2015)

Research into digital inequalities has shifted from a binary view of Internet use versus non-use to studying gradations in Internet use. However, this research has mostly compared categories of users only.

Études de Communication
Drot-Delange, B., & Bruillard, É (2012)

La prolifération des objets numériques et l’étendue de leurs utilisations sont telles que des observateurs ou des chercheurs n’hésitent pas à parler de cultures numériques.

Collin, S., & Karsenti, T. (2012)

Cet article a pour objectif de relever certaines limites des approches théoriques du domaine actuel des usages des technologies en éducation et d’en tirer des recommandations pour contribuer à son renouvellement.

Guichon, N. (2012)

Cette recherche, qui adopte la perspective de la sociologie des usages, s'appuie sur une enquête à la fois par questionnaire et par entretiens pour sonder les usages numériques des lycéens de l'enseignement secondaire général en France.

Library & Information Science Research
Asunka, S., Chae, H., & Natriello, G. (2011)

Transaction log analysis (TLA), content analysis, and grounded theory procedures were used to explore the use of an institutional digital repository and social networking website by the academic community of a graduate school of education in the...

The Journal of Academic Librarianship
Asunka, S., Chae, H., Hughes, B., & Natriello, G. (2009)

Transaction logs of user activity on an academic library website were analyzed to determine general usage patterns on the website.

British Journal of Sociology of Education
Facer, K., Furlong, J., Furlong, R., & Sutherland, R. (2001)

Universal access to the 'new capital' of information and knowledge via Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) has become a central goal of education reform under the New Labour Government.

Educational Theory
Bromley, H. (1997)

A large number of stories have been told about computers and schools, based on widely varying assumptions.2 In some, learning is assumed to be an individual process, readily accomplished by an isolated student in the company of a computer, with...