Articles scientifiques

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education
Ferrés, J., Masanet, M.-J. & Mateus, J.-C. (2018)

The education studies of the Spanish universities are not alien to technological innovations, but their approach to them tends to be basically instrumental.

New Media & Society
Yuen, A. H. K., Park, J., Chen, L. & Chen, M. (2018)

A digital divide continues to be reported across and within nations, first as an access issue and second as an issue of effective usage.

Texas Education Review
Papendieck, A. (2018)

Despite a history of techno-idealistic rhetoric and reform efforts in the United States, technology integration in education has tended to reinforce an inequitable and unjust social status quo in our classrooms and more broadly.

Elliott, T. & Earl, J. (2018)

Scholars have long been concerned about the effect that digital inequalities might have on marginalized populations.

Social Science Computer Review
Blank, G., Graham, M. & Calvino, C. (2018)

Combining data from a sample survey, the 2013 Oxford Internet Survey, with the 2011 UK Census, we employ small area estimation to estimate Internet use in small geographies in Britain.

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education
Aagaard, J. (2018)

The concept of affordances has become a popular analytical tool in educational technology.

new media & society
Blank, G. & Lutz, C. (2018)

Recent studies have enhanced our understanding of digital divides by investigating outcomes of Internet use. We extend this research to analyse positive and negative outcomes of Internet use in the United Kingdom.

Williamson, B. (2018)

Universities are increasingly organized and managed through digital data.

Pereira, I. (2017)

L’article circonscrit trois grammaires de l’éducation critique aux médias qui structurent ce champ de recherche en continuité avec d’autres espaces sociaux.

Charmarkeh, H. & Lagacé, M. (2017)

La société fait face à deux défis majeurs : la numérisation de l’ensemble des sphères de la société et l’allongement de la durée de la vie (Rivière et Brugière, 2010). À ce dernier chapitre, les progrès sont remarquables.