Articles scientifiques

Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship
Dosono, B. (2014)

Digital inclusion seeks to bring the benefits of information and communication technologies (ICT) to vulnerable populations such as low-income families, residents of rural communities, seniors, disabled citizens, at-risk youth, immigrants,...

Guichon, N., & Soubrié, T. (2013)

Depuis les années 1990, le numérique a pris une place grandissante dans l’édition des manuels de FLE. Cela a-t-il pour autant conduit les éditeurs à renouveler le cadre didactique de référence et les démarches pédagogiques ?

Harris, C., Straker, L., & Pollock, C. (2013)

Young people are exposed to a range of information technologies (IT) in different environments, including home and school, however the factors influencing IT use at home and school are poorly understood.

Erstad, O., Gilje, O., & Arnseth, H. C. (2013)

Whereas most studies of learning explore intra-institutional experiences, our interest is to track individual learning trajectories across domains.

Journal of Educational Technology & Society
Gu, X., Zhu, Y., & Guo, X. (2013)

The past few decades have witnessed the rapid development of information and communication technology around the world, as well as continuing efforts to introduce technology into K12 schools.

Éducation et francophonie
Collin S., & Karsenti, T. (2013)

Cet article propose une analyse des enjeux socioculturels qui accompagnent les usages des technologies en éducation.

Critical reflections on the benefits of ICT in education
Livingstone, S. (2012)

In both schools and homes, information and communication technologies (ICT) are widely seen as enhancing learning, this hope fuelling their rapid diffusion and adoption throughout developed societies.

Oxford Review of Education
Erstad, O. (2012)

The main objective of the paper is to present an outline for an approach studying young people as learners across contexts, presented here as a ‘learning lives approach’.

Kumpulainen, K., & Sefton-Green, J. (2012)

Efforts to understand the dynamic processes of learning situated across space and time, beyond the here and now, are presently challenging traditional definitions of learning and education.

Études de communication
Bourdeloie, H. (2012)

Nous interrogeons ici la question de l’appropriation des dispositifs d’écriture numérique au regard de leur complexité technique et sémiotique d’un côté, et de leur facilité d’usage de l’autre.