Livres et rapports

Gourlay, L. & Oliver, M. (2018)

Student Engagement in the Digital University challenges mainstream conceptions and assumptions about students’ engagement with digital resources in Higher Education. While engagement in online learning environments is often reduced to...

Matthew J. Salganik (2017)

"In just the past several years, we have witnessed the birth and rapid spread of social media, mobile phones, and numerous other digital marvels.

Privacy, Security, and Digital Inequality
M. Madden (2017)

Among the many dimensions of digital inequality is the unequal distribution of the risks and resources associated with online life. Americans with lower levels of income and education are acutely aware of a range of digital privacy-related harms...

Pew Research Center
Horrigan, J. B. (2016)

A large majority of Americans seek extra knowledge for personal and work-related reasons. Digital technology plays a notable role in these knowledge pursuits, but place-based learning remains vital to many and differences in education and income...

Media Insight Project
Media Insight Project (2015)

A new study of Millennials and news finds that Hispanic and African American adults under age 35 are just as connected to the web as the rest of their generation, but they find news in somewhat different ways, and they tend to follow a different...

Critical Perspectives on Technology and Education
Bulfin, S, Johnson, N.F., & Bigum, C (2015)

Critical Perspectives on Technology and Education shows how researchers working in the area of technology and education can use critical perspectives to broaden the "ed-tech" research imagination, opening up new topics, asking new questions,...

Digital Divides
Andreasson, K. (2015)

The rapid development of the information society has accentuated the importance of digital divides, which refer to economic and social inequalities among populations due to differences in access to, use of, or knowledge of information and...

Speak Up
Project Tomorrow (2015)

Digital Learning 24/7: Understanding Technology — Enhanced Learning in the Lives of Today’s Students is the first in a two part series to document the key national findings from Speak Up 2014.

Lenhart, A. (2015)

This report is the first in a series of reports examining teenagers’ use of technology. Forthcoming reports will focus on how American adolescents use social media and mobile phones to create, maintain and end their friendships and romantic...

Geek Heresy
Toyama K. (2015)

In 2004, Kentaro Toyama, an award-winning computer scientist, moved to India to start a new research group for Microsoft. Its mission: to explore novel technological solutions to the world’s persistent social problems. Together with his team, he...