Livres et rapports

Warschauer, M. (2004)

Much of the discussion about new technologies and social equality has focused on the oversimplified notion of a "digital divide." Technology and Social Inclusion moves beyond the limited view of haves and have-nots to analyze the...

Transforming Technology : A Critical Theory Revisited
Feenberg, A. (2002)

Thoroughly revised, this new edition of Critical Theory of Technology rethinks the relationships between technology, rationality, and democracy, arguing that the degradation of labor--as well as of many environmental, educational, and political...

Telling Tales on Technology
Selwyn, N. (2002)

Information and communications technology (ICT) has become an unavoidable element of education, yet new technologies have failed to become wholly integrated. This engaging volume critically examines the role of ICT in education and explores how,...

 Education and Technology : Critical and Reflective Practices
Muffoletto, R. (2001)

This collection brings to the public forum discussions related to educational technology and critical and reflective thought and practices. The chapters raise questions concerning the social, political, and economic implications of technology on...

Natriello, G. (2001)

Poor and minority families and their children have less access to a range of resources in society. Thus is it not surprising to discover that the same pattern applies in the case of the emerging digital infrastructure represented in home, school...

Oversold and Underused
Cuban, L. (2001)

Impelled by a demand for increasing American strength in the new global economy, many educators, public officials, business leaders, and parents argue that school computers and Internet access will improve academic learning and prepare students...

Times of the Technoculture: From the Information Society to the Virtual Life
Robins, K., & Webster, F. (1999)

Times of the Technoculture explores the social and cultural impact of new technologies, tracing the origins of the information society from the coming of the machine with the industrial revolution to the development of mass production...

Bromley, H., & Apple, M.W. (1998)

With a focus on educational computing, this book examines how technological practices align with or subvert existing forms of dominance. Examines the important question: Is the enormous financial investment school districts are making in...

Cyberspace divide: Equality, agency and policy in the information society
Mackay, H., & Powell, T. (1998)

The dramatic advances in computer and telecommunications technologies such as the Internet, virtual reality, smart cards or multimedia applications are increasingly regarded as ushering in a new form of society: the information society.

Changing Education: New Times, New Kids
Fitzclarence, L., Green, B., & Kenway, J. (1998)


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